White Tantric Yoga

Our minds release 1000 thoughts per wink of an eye. Some of these thoughts get lost in the unconscious, and some get stuck in the subconscious and affect the conscious mind. These thoughts become feelings, emotions, desires, multi-realities or fantasies. Instead of mastering our mind, often our mind and thoughts direct us, which can cause impulsive decisions, poor communication and self-imposed stress.

This weekend I attended my very first, but definitely not my last White Tantric Workshop. I did not know exactly what to expect, more than that it was going to be a challenge - and a challenge it was.
White Tantric Yoga is done in pairs as a group meditation and will help you break through your subconscious blocks.
They say it is common to experience a lot of changes within the following 40 days - changes to the better that I am looking forward to :)

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