Poem for the Soul...

pavan guroo paanee pitaa, maataa dharat mahat.
divas raat du-ay daa-ee daaa-i-aa, khaylai sagai jagat.

El Aire es el Guru, el Agua el Padre, la inmensa Tierra la Madre. El mundo juega en las piernas de las dos niñeras, el día y la noche....

Air is the Guru, Water the Father and Earth the Great Mother of all. In the laps of the two nurses, Night and Day...the whole world lives in an endless play. ♥ ♥
- Le grand final of the Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak

Japji Sahib is a song for the soul, and is part of the morning sadhana - being chanted daily before sunrise. Want to know more? klick here

Love & Light

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