My Lovely June

O come sweet June, my lovely June
The month when first the roses bloom. A wondrous, colourful display
By sunlight kissed throughout the day
- So chasing all my cares away.

And fixed above, the starry bull,
Glittering there, so beautiful,
Adorning thus the northern skies
Whene'er the dazzling daylight dies
- ‘Tis like a glimpse of Paradise.

O June, dear June, for you I wait
- My longing ever shall abate.
When you recur with all your grace
To lift my heart and light my face,
And thus my soul to full embrace.

Such pure delight, all heaven sent,
O June, my June, you bring content.
‘Tis you for whom I ever yearn,
Awaiting thus your prized return
- O June, my lovely June sojourn. ♥

Valerie Dohren

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