Some thoughts on Relationship...

Someone said to me the other day that Love is an illusion..I don't agree. I believe that Love is everything..and the illusion lies in the high expectations, norms & "standards" that society has labelled a so called "Relationship" between two persons..what is right & wrong..normal & not normal..what to do & what not to do..
The way I see it, Relationships are not about falling in Love - It's about Loving..yourself, the other person & Life. It is about honesty, trust, communication, & yes..some work & dedication too - but perhaps even more important: Make up your own rules on how to make it work! Everyone is different with different needs & wants..what works for one couple may not work for another..
Be brave & step outside the "standard-model" that society is trying to force us into...step outside the Box :)

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