21.12.12 - Be ready for anything and expect nothing

Tomorrow is 21.12.12. & as mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of different beliefs and opinions about this date. Instead of giving any more, I will quote my very wise and highly respected teacher Shiv Charan Singh:

"The day will pass, like many other days that have been and are yet to be.
With its various ups and downs. And lots of crazy and wonderful efforts of people to read into, and express, deep and significant meanings and insights.
Many will be inspired, others will be afraid. Some will hold their breath while others will not even notice or care.
In the western calendar the day adds up to 11 [ or 2 ]. What does this suggest? A time to be very still in your self. A chance to feel the All in the small.
To optimize the occasion we would be wise to recall the reflective nature of the universe. What is out there is also in here. Therefore taking the opportunity to use the presence of outer alignment to also bring about an inner alignment of all our sub-facets and personalities. And therefore reach through to, and listen to the call that comes from, the core of our being. Who knows what we may hear and what it will change. Be ready for anything and expect nothing, since you will only find out that you are, and will always only be, who you always have been. You will still get up the next morning and take care of your self and those around you. And that is that - be at peace with it".

- Shiv Charan Singh

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