Don't live at each other - Live FOR each other ♥♥

"Our ego likes to judge and be right and in so doing separates itself. Even if we have the same weaknesses or strengths as others, we don’t see them as our reflection. However if you practice yoga then consciousness conquers the ego. It flows through everything and everybody and is connected to all - we call it Ek Ong Kar, the one creative power.  Now you start relating to the soul of the other person, not to the ego.  Then, the other person is you -  her soul is your soul – the one in all."
- Yogi Bhajan

The theme of this years Yoga Festival in France is: "Live for Each Other"
- and that is where I am heading next :)
So see you all on my return on the 29th of July, & until then; don't hurry, don't worry, & remember to smell the flowers along the way ♥♥

Sat Nam
Love & Light

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