New Moon & Habits

Yesterdays class in Park in Ciutadella was tough but with beautiful energy thanks to the new moon in virgo and my lovely students

After the class we talked about habits & how new moons always are a good time for new beginnings, to start fresh...
& today I found this beautiful quote from Kari Samuels regarding yesterdays new moon in virgo:

Harness the power of wishes. We have a new moon in Virgo tonight. New moons are always a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. You can wash yourself clean with pure intent. Virgo new moons purify your energy inside and out. Take stock of any habits in your body, mind, and life that are lowering your energy and bringing you down. What will raise your spirits and lift you up? Write down your intentions for a new healthier lifestyle. Every day, as the moon grows, take steps toward making your wishes come true. Watch them grow as they are nurtured like a flower in a beautiful field of stars.

& tomorrow morning we are back in the park at 9.30 am - are you joining us?

Sat Nam
Love & Light

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