Super New Moon in Aries

Super New Moon in Aries - and time to be your own weird, unique & bold you!! Shine your light & go get YOUR Dreams ♡♡


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra..

Tomorrow we are ending 2 weeks of intense & highly emotional energies with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 13.01 (Swedish & Spanish time) - and talk about an intense last day of the eclipse portal... ♡♡
If you haven't already - take some time to sit down & meditate on what you want to release and let go of..what is no longer serving you to fulfil YOUR dreams and YOUR wishes...exhale the past -  & inhale your beautiful future ♡♡


Welcome August.. ♥

"One moment alone in the garden,
Under the August skies;
The moon had gone but the stars shone on - Shone like your beautiful eyes.
Away from the glitter and gaslight,
Alone in the garden there,
While the mirth of the throng, in laugh and song,
Floated out on the air" ♥♥
- Welcome beautiful beautiful Month of August..


Enjoy Life..

Hooray I think we will have rain today!! :)
I've never been so happy to wake up to a cloudy sky but still 27 degrees warm.. ♡♡
So Enjoy your day & do something different by checking your phone less than normal today - or if you dare you can even turn it off for a couple of hours ;)
- And remember late night class in Park Ciutadella on Wednesday at 8.30 pm..
Over and Out & Love and Light :)


Back home in Barcelona for 2 weeks..

My dear yogis & yoginis in Barcelona...I'm here until the 2nd of August (then off to work in Ibiza until the 25th)
- Fancy some yoga with me? I have scheduled in a class on Monday morning in Park Guinardo..but it will probably feel more like bikram then kundalini.. :)
Other days I am open for suggestions regarding day & time..♥♥


Welcome June ♥

"It's a Smile, it's a Kiss, it's a sip of Wine … it's Summertime" :)
Welcome Beautiful Beautiful Month of June ♥♥