Why we Chant

Have a sweet, blessed chanting last day of September
Sat Nam
Love & Light


Never look back in anger

Don't look back with regret, Look forward with hope ♥ ♥

After Yoga on the Beach


After Yoga...

..in Park Ciutadella!
Beautiful photo by my lovely friend AnneLi Lindskog
♥ ♥


Yoga in Park Ciutadella!

The class tomorrow will be at 9.30 am & will be held on the grass just in front of Museo Martorell (between Hivernacle & Umbracle) - If you enter the park from Passeig de Picasso/Calle Princesa, it is just to the right!
You can find a map here

- if you are still unsure on how to find the spot - let me know :)
same goes for if you have any preferences regarding the time (i.e if you prefer morning or evening time)

As always, it is 5 euros for the first class, 2nd one is for free, and after that when you are hooked it is 10 euros/class :)
You can also sign up & pay for a whole month and get a better deal.

Sat Nam
Love & Light


Be a Drop in the Ocean

We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.
- Mother Teresa
♥ ♥


Sat Naan :)

Sat Naan Bread & happy full moon meditation one day too late :)
I was suppose to post this yesterday - but never got the chance! If you did miss out on the meditation , there is still loads of full moon energy around - so it works fine to do one tonight too (we did the Antar Naad Mudra as a Full Moon Meditation)!

& for those of you in Barcelona - the class tomorrow morning will be on the beach at 10 am, since Park Ciutadella will be "full of Merçe-Festival".

Sat Naan :)


Full Moon and Yoga in park Ciutadella tomorrow

Tomorrow it is full moon & yoga in park Ciutadella! The class will begin at 17.30 and end with a special meditation for the full moon :)

Sat Nam
Love & Light


Practise Gratitude on a daily basis

I am doing a practise at the moment to deeper my level of gratitude on a daily basis.
And since I since many years already begin & end each day by feeling gratitude for people in my life..for things that have happened..for the new day..for the food etc. I honestly thought this "practise" was not going to give me so much - but oh how wrong I was :)

I just LOVE that I each day need to think about 10 new things that I am feeling grateful for and WHY I am grateful for them - because it is one thing to say that you are grateful, but to really feel and be you need to know WHY...and all this "small" things in life that it is so easy to sometimes forget about or take for granted..
so happy, thank you, more please for reminding me :) 


Thank You, thank you, thank you

It is for you to give the message to your own mind; it is for you to give the message to your own soul; it is for you to untangle your own ego. No special method is required. You don’t have to hang upside down; you don’t have to sit on the bottom of the ocean; you don’t have to leave the entire world. This world is circling without you and it will continue circling without you. You only have to take care of your own circle, consciously. Speak politely, be kind to others and understand one thing: righteousness is the self’s best luck. 
- Yogi Bhajan

Tomorrow morning is yoga with view & possibly some rain too... :)

Sat Nam 
Love & Light


Don't let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet

Happy Weekend & remember yoga in park Ciutadella tomorrow morning at 9.30 :)
Let me know if you are planning to come..


Learn to let Go

Learn to let things you cannot control go. So when the day is over, don't dwell on what you could have or should have done - just let it go & instead feel grateful for everything and everyone and remember that tomorrow is another day with yoga in park ciutadella at 9.30 am - fancy coming?


It's Monday and I'm in Love ♥

But how can I not be after this beautiful start of the week with Yoga up in Park Guinardó...serioulsy speaking; for those of you who have the chance to join me on Monday mornings but for some reason are not showing up - you are missing something ;)

Have a beautiful week & remember that "The best vitamin pill you can ever take is a full breath"
- Yogi Bhajan


New Moon & Habits

Yesterdays class in Park in Ciutadella was tough but with beautiful energy thanks to the new moon in virgo and my lovely students

After the class we talked about habits & how new moons always are a good time for new beginnings, to start fresh...
& today I found this beautiful quote from Kari Samuels regarding yesterdays new moon in virgo:

Harness the power of wishes. We have a new moon in Virgo tonight. New moons are always a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. You can wash yourself clean with pure intent. Virgo new moons purify your energy inside and out. Take stock of any habits in your body, mind, and life that are lowering your energy and bringing you down. What will raise your spirits and lift you up? Write down your intentions for a new healthier lifestyle. Every day, as the moon grows, take steps toward making your wishes come true. Watch them grow as they are nurtured like a flower in a beautiful field of stars.

& tomorrow morning we are back in the park at 9.30 am - are you joining us?

Sat Nam
Love & Light

Thank You :)

Right after Sadhana is a time to do anything - even to eat ice cream. Right after Sadhana do whatever you want.
- Yogi Bhajan


Learn from the expert :)

...& also a quick reminder of Yoga in Park Ciutadella tomorrow morning at 9.30 am - Allow nature to teach you stillness

Sat Nam
Love & Light


Forgive & Forget, Love & Be Loved

New Month, New Week, New Day, New Page...
Let us welcome and embrace the month of September with the promise of challenging ourselves to make a change to the better in our lives and in the life of every human being...our families, friends, lovers, neighbours, collegues, strangers, our enemies....
Forgive & Forget
Love & Be Loved



Find your Balance

Today, I went to the gym for the first time in almost 3 years. I used to be a "gym-freak" - but that was before I discovered Yoga and Meditation :)
The last couple of years I have been a complete Yoga-freak, and I have spent all my time and then some more to develop and grow spiritually - & that is a process that will continue for the rest of my life..everyday is a new chance to learn something, to grow..& to share...

But I do believe it is important to have a balance in life - to not overdo things - & to allow yourself the joy of eating unhealthy food every now and then..enjoy a glass of wine or two if you want..sleep in one morning because it feels good...go to the gym and listen to other music besides mantras if that makes you feel good - and most important - enjoy it & do not feel bad about it :)

Having said that; tomorrow morning I am back to my Yoga with "Special-Monday-Morning-Class" up in Park Guinardó at 8 am - what can be a better way to begin a brand new week & also the beautiful month of September that arrived today!

Sat Nam
Love & Light