Happy New Year over the Years..

..and Happy New Year :)
Thank You 2014 for All
- For Good & Bad..For Everything you tought me..
I Love You, I Forgive You and I Release You ♥♥


Felices Fiestas..

God Jul! Hyvää Joulua! Feliz Navidad & Merry Christmas from Snowy Norrland :) ♥


Some thoughts on Relationship...

Someone said to me the other day that Love is an illusion..I don't agree. I believe that Love is everything..and the illusion lies in the high expectations, norms & "standards" that society has labelled a so called "Relationship" between two persons..what is right & wrong..normal & not normal..what to do & what not to do..
The way I see it, Relationships are not about falling in Love - It's about Loving..yourself, the other person & Life. It is about honesty, trust, communication, & yes..some work & dedication too - but perhaps even more important: Make up your own rules on how to make it work! Everyone is different with different needs & wants..what works for one couple may not work for another..
Be brave & step outside the "standard-model" that society is trying to force us into...step outside the Box :)


Welcome Beautiful Month of December

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, Christmas is all around me
So come on and let it Snow.. :)

Welcome Beautiful Beautiful Month of December ♥♥


One of my favorite Dishes..

is Kicharee and it is super-healthy too :)
& if you want to stay low on the carbs it works fine with less, or sometimes no rice..
Bon Apetit ♡


Yoga on the Beach Goes Inside for the Winter

Sat Nam Beautiful Souls!
I'm afraid the glorious days doing yoga on the beach is over..at least for this year :)
So I'm planning to move indoor instead..starting this Saturday morning at 10 am -
And as always the deal is: if you attend both Tuesday & Saturday class during the same week - it's 7.50/class...otherwise 10 euros ♡
Love & Light

Wisdom words of Today :)


Yoga with me in Stockholm, Sweden :)

Despite the Cold I must say it feels pretty good to be back in Sweden - & I have already learned how to peel ginger with a spoon AND that fresh turmeric is Da Shit..so thank you for that my dear sister :) ♥
Now time to move further up north and the weather forecast says there might come some snow...
Back in Stockholm in time fore some Yoga next weekend - will give a class Friday the 31st of October at 16.30 & Satuday the 1st of November at 11 am.
If you are around & fancy joining me - give me a shout :)

Love & Light


Make an Attitude to be in Gratitude

"The attitude of Gratitude is the highest way of living, and is the biggest truth, the highest truth. You can not live with applied consciousness until you understand that you have to be Grateful for what you have. If you are Grateful for what you have - then Mother Nature will give you more." - Yogi Bhajan

- So instead of complaining over what you do NOT have, be grateful for what you have - right here, right now. It is NOT what you had in the past or what might come in the future that counts - But right Here, right Now.. ♥♥

You Gotta Love this crazy Guy :)

Astrology for the Soul October 15, 2014: http://youtu.be/PAPRnTH8fU4



October is here.. ♥

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day!
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree...
- Emily Brontë ♥♥


Freedom is a state of Mind ♥

The only thing that makes it a part of you, is that you keep thinking about it..whatever it is that you might be holding on to..if it does not serve you - LET - IT - GO


I am back :)

I am back in Barcelona after a lovely summer filled with travel - & I just spoke to the Summer who promised to stay around for another 2 more months :)
So let's do some Yoga on the Beach on Saturday morning - & if there is interest we will begin with the indoor classes next week again!
Sat Nam
Love & Light


No class tomorrow..

Due to illness I will have to cancel the class tomorrow morning.. :(
Sorry about that!
The classes will begin again first week of September when I am back from work in Ibiza!
Until then: Don't hurry, Don't worry & Remember to smell the flowers along the way... ♡♡
Sat Nam
Love & Light



Yogafestival in France :)

Hasta Luego my Darling Barcelona - Y Bonjour France & the Yogafestival where I wil be working & enjoying myself until the 11th of August :)
Hey Ho, Here we Go..


Summer Schedule

Next "Yoga on the Beach" will be Friday the 15th of August at 8 am - as I will go to France to work & enjoy the kundaliniyoga festival 1-10th of August :)
This coming week I will give a class Tuesday night at 7.30 pm & Thursday morning at 7.30 am if you fancy joining me ♡
Love & Light


Yoga in Stockholm, Sweden Tonight :)

Efter en helt underbar helg med segling i Stockholms vackra Skärgård - så kör vi ikväll "Kriya for Detoxification" i Tantolunden, Södermalm :)
Vi möts kl 17 i hörnet Zinkens Väg/Ringvägen (T-bana Zinkensdamm)
Ses vi?
Love & Light


New Moon in Cancer today..

..& we welcomed this sweet Moon with a lovely class up in Park Guinardo ♥
- And tomorrow morning at 8.30 it is time for Yoga on the Beach!
Connection with Nature & Mother Earth..


After a Wonderful Weekend..

..in beautiful Tarragona, where I was attending & working at the Karam Kriyas "Womens Camp" - I am now back home in Barcelona, & look forward sharing a class with you tomorrow night at 8 pm ♡
Sat Nam
Love & Light


No Yoga on the Beach this Saturday..

NO "Yoga on the Beach" this Saturday 21st of July & NO class Tuesday the 24th as I am off to work & enjoy the "Karam Kriya Womens Camp"
-Instead I will give and extra class Wednesday the 25th at 8 pm (indoor) AND Friday morning the 27th at 8 am up in Park Guinardo if anyone fancy coming? :)

Love & Light


The Summer is here :)

Morning Sadhana at my terrace completed - so I declare that the Summer is here to stay :)


My Lovely June

O come sweet June, my lovely June
The month when first the roses bloom. A wondrous, colourful display
By sunlight kissed throughout the day
- So chasing all my cares away.

And fixed above, the starry bull,
Glittering there, so beautiful,
Adorning thus the northern skies
Whene'er the dazzling daylight dies
- ‘Tis like a glimpse of Paradise.

O June, dear June, for you I wait
- My longing ever shall abate.
When you recur with all your grace
To lift my heart and light my face,
And thus my soul to full embrace.

Such pure delight, all heaven sent,
O June, my June, you bring content.
‘Tis you for whom I ever yearn,
Awaiting thus your prized return
- O June, my lovely June sojourn. ♥

Valerie Dohren


Yoga on the Beach

Sun, Rain, Sun & some more Rain..
I might as well flip a coin rather than looking at the weather forecast :)
- But cross fingers the Sun will be shining..but in case it is not, the class will be cancelled tomorrow.. :(
Love & Light ♥


You are Beautiful ♥

You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You're gonna find, yes, you will
That you're beautiful as you feel
- Carole King