I'm in a Swedish Yoga Magazine :)

Det är ett reportage om mig i senaste numret av tidningen "Yoga för dig"
- There is an article about me in the latest issue of a Swedish Yoga Magazine..feeling proud.. :)



Friendship is a fulfillment of destiny, like two tributaries flowing together and becoming one river. ♥
- Yogi Bhajan


"Stop playing seriously and seriously play".
- Mission for the week ahead perhaps..?


& Imagine this scenario:

You are on your bike on your way home after giving a class - fully dressed in yoga clothes & with the yoga mat in your lap - a car drives by & the guy open his window and yells: Puuuuuuuuta!! at you...can only happen in Barcelona...but happy Valentines day to him too! :)

Happy Valentines day & Full Moon night..

The song of Love echoes through every fibre of my Heart ♥
Remember that Love is everywhere..