Time for a Detox..

Now is a great time for a proper detox & cleanse of your body - & that is also the theme in my yogaclasses at the moment :)
So drop me a line if you fancy joining me tomorrow at 10.30 am and/or Tuesday at 7.15 pm ♥
Sat Nam
Love & Light



SuperMoon in the Air...

Tomorrow we are being blessed with a New Moon in Aquarias - & it's a SuperMoon my friends!!
This makes it a perfect day to make a wish AND begin with a new healthy habit :)
As always, give me a shout if you are planning to join my class tomorrow night at 7.15 pm - as I need a minimum of 3 & if we are more than 8 I will need to rent the "Sala Grande"
Love & Light


Relationships can be tricky..

“It can actually be easier to be in a relationship with someone controlling, for example, because they don’t really see 'you'. So while it may be unsatisfactory, it’s safe because you’re not fully there, you’re less exposed. But when you’re with someone who is actually letting you be you, not playing games, it’s more confronting—the fear is that you have to be seen."