New Schedule!

Due to other work (not that I'm considering Yoga as a job..but anyway :)) - the Schedule from Wednesday the 20th of February will be:
Thursday 19.00 - Maragall
Saturday 13.00 - Maragall
& hopefully we will soon be able to get back with more days & hours - AND Yoga out in the Nature :)
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What is Love?

Today is Valentines Day - a BIG romantic day for many, a day filled with high expectations and/or dissappointments for some...
I personally believe that EVERY day is a good day to celebrate love, and if you are not - today might be a good reminder of that :)

But what is Love? First of all, love is so much more than a romantic relationship. Love is everything and nothing. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is giving, giving and giving, without ever waiting for a thank you. Love is present. Love is here. Love is now. Love is enjoying life and taking one day at a time. Love is following your heart. Love is giving a stranger a smile or hugging him. Love is help saving the planet. Love is sometimes to make sacrifices. Love is you. Love is me. Love is for free...Love simply IS ♥  

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Happy New Water Snake Year :)

Yesterday was the official start of the Chinese New Year (even though many people have already been celebrating it for a week..& will continue to celebrate for another :))
This year is the year of the water snake. The snake represents transformation healing, wisdom and striking through illusions. The sanskrit word for snake is naga, literally meaning: "able to go where others can not".
I believe this is going to be a very Good Year...

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