When the Moon is in the seventh house & Jupiter aligns with Mars..

..Then peace will guide the planets, & love will steer the stars..Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehoods or derisions, Golden living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelation, & the minds true liberation, Aquarius! Aquarius...
 - Gerome Ragni, James Rado and Galt Mac Dermot

Not really sure how to interpret this lyrics - or if it is an appropriate description regarding the full moon in aries tonight; but it came to my mind today, so here I am writing it...

Either way, we have a lunar eclipse happening tonight, & it is all about standing up for yourself, get rid of what is no longer serving you, and say: NO! that's not good enough for me (if needed)!
We are all affected by this powerful full moon..and we can either choose to take advantage of it & let go of the past and make necessary changes - or just sit around & wait..the choice is yours ♥ ♥

Tomorrow morning at 10 am it is time for Yoga on the Beach & you are all welcome to join me :)

Sat Nam
Love & Light

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