When there is No Mind, You are in Yoga

When there is no mind, you are in Yoga; when there is mind you are not in Yoga.
So you may do all the postures, but if the mind goes on functioning, if you go on thinking, you are not in Yoga. Yoga is the state of No-Mind. If you can be without the mind without doing any posture, you have become a perfect Yogi. It has happened to many without doing any postures, and it has NOT happened to many who have been doing postures for many lives

- Osho

Tomorrow Morning at 10 it is time for Yoga on the Beach
-Come in comfortable clothes, bring some water & a blanket or a warm jumper to cover yourself during relaxation.
If you have a yoga mat thats great - but if not, it works fine with a towel/sarong the first time.

& it is recommended not to eat 2 hours before (or at least 1) - but, it is NOT a crime if you do..as long as you keep it light & easy to digest :)

As always, it is 5 euros for the first class, 2nd one is for free, and after that when you are hooked it is 10 euros/ class :)
- or sign up for a month and attend all my classes (3/week) for 40 euros/month!

Sat Nam
Love & Light

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